Motus M990TL Treadmill with Integrated 15" Samsung Display

Product Features
* 3HP AC Mitsubishi Continuous Motor
* 15" Integrated Samsung LCD TV Monitor
* Hyundai electronics and Inverter
* Multiple Shock Absorption System
* 'Quiet Running' treadmill and Minimized Vibration

Product Description
Motor - AC 3.0 HP, continuous duty Speed - 0.1-10 m/h, Incline - 0~15%, 0.5% Increment Console Size - 15" Samsung LCD TV panel Signal Coaxial, RCA, S-VIDEO 7-segment, FND Time, Remaining Time, Incline, Used Calorie per Hour, Distance, Used Calorie, Speed, PACE(min/km), H/R System Wireless System Optional Programs Built-In - 5 Accessory Tray - 2(Water Pail, MP3, Mobile, etc.) Emergency Switch Button(Push),Magnetic Key(Pull) Handle for Medical Use Optional One Touch Speed Control and Incline Maximum User Weight 410 (lbs) Weight 450 (lbs) Features 1. Excellent Performance High-quality AC motor and precise motor control. Higher torque even in a low speed, decreased noise from in low to high speed, and minimized vibration. Prevent belt s leaning. Formed highly hard frame structure.2. Large size LCD Monitor (M990TL, M995TL) Mounted 15 LCD monitor in display console. Allow user to enjoy exercise with watching TV, VCR, and DVD. Support headphone function. 2. Scientific and customized programs Preprogrammed various exercise programs (intensified cardiopulmonary programs, fat burn, and stamina promotion programs. Built-in goal-oriented programs. Built-in H/R program which is connected with H/R and adjusts incline automatically. 3. Consideration of user s safety and convenience Belt near ground as soon as possible for user s stability Multi-shock absorption system Nano-silver antimicrobial handle bar Touch sensitive switch (Switch brightness control is available.) Ergonomic design 2 kinds of emergency keys. Wide space accessory tray